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Just trying out the next part of the blogging challenge and here is my newly created voki.


Photo viewing


I just learned how to add a flash collection of photos to my blog.  I used anvsoft free photo software and this then enables me to have a sequence of photos on the blog instead of taking up lots of space to display them individually. if you are interested.


School Blog


I’ve been really motivated by the blogging challenge, although I really haven’t had enough time to complete all the activities.  I enjoy reading other blogs and see how creative others are – it is hugely inspiring.

I gave a presentation yesterday to parents about my school blog, and was greatly encouraged and motivated by the support from management and parents alike.  I will now strive to utilise some of the tips on the blog challenge to make my school site more interesting and appealing.

Sadly I don’t have enough time to work on both blogs at the moment, so here is a link to my school site.   Please leave comments on this site regarding improving either blog.


Adding a Cluster Map


A cluster map shows locations of visitors to your site.  The children in school are very excitied when the dots on the map increase and they are keen to see where our readers are from.  It lends itself well in a primary school setting for further discussion about language, time differences, IT resources etc.

To add this to your blog, you need to:

sign up with clustrmaps

insert a text widget on your blog, then copy and paste the html code that clustrmaps give you into your text widget.

Hope this is helpful – it worked for me and has been so useful on my school blog.  I had to rethink the steps for this learning bytes blog, as once you have it working, you don’t need to touch it again.  Please note, after 12 months, clustrmaps reset the visitor dots, but you do get a notification so you can save a copy before your map is reset.



Catching up with Challenge


I just realised that I didn’t fully answer the teacher’s challenge properly – so here goes….

  • Why did you join the Teacher Challenge’s 30 Days to Kick Starting your Blogging?
    To refresh my blogging skills and to share ideas with others.  My blogging so far has been fairly basic and I am keen do develop it further.  It’s always interesting to learn with others and share experiences, difficulties and ideas.  Creativity works well with others.  I am motivated by the challenge, and hope it will be a catalyst to greater blogging.
  • Why do you want to learn more about blogging?
    Although I have been creating and posting regularly on my school blog, I have not really been involved with comments, feeds etc and am keen to expand the school blog in due course.  I see this as an excellent CPD opportunity to share my current knowledge, and learn new skills too.
  • What aspects of blogging have you struggled with?
    I am frustrated with my inability to change font style and size easily on the blog.  There seems to be limited font options, maybe I am missing something obvious.